Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee filter turkey craft

This is another turkey craft using a coffee filter for the tail feathers and a turkey body template. It makes very colorful tail feathers when its finished.


Just print out this turkey body template
 Printable turkey body template 

 Start off with washable markers and glue

Hold tip and quickly dip in and out of the water stopping about an inch from the top

Carefully unfold

Lay to dry preferably on something that doesn't absorb (this was moved off of the paper towel)

Color your turkey while the coffee filter is drying

Cut out

Your coffee filter should be just about dry by now. It's okay if it is just slightly damp. You now want to put glue on the back of your turkey body and paste it onto the coffee filter for your coffee filter turkey.

Do you have any favorite turkey crafts to share?

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