Home Daycare in Pontoon Beach

I am a former licensed childcare provider. I decided to drop my license a year and a half ago to care for just a few children in my home. I did this so that my own family can enjoy their home without the strict Illinois licensing standards for daycare homes. It doesn't mean I am any less capable of caring for your child. I was licensed for 16 years without any violations or incidents. 

I have raised 3 kids into adults and am raising 3 more. I am grandmother to 9 grandchildren ranging in ages 5 months to 18 years. For several years I had denied my own children things such as a trampoline for the yard because of Illinois licensing standards. I do understand the reasoning for the rules but it was taking its toll on my family. It seemed like we had to comply with more and more rules every year. Even though this was a licensed home it was also our home. At one time I was told by my licensing rep. that I had to take a decorative pond down in my front yard even though the daycare children did not play in the front. When my young teens wanted a swimming pool that's when I made the decision to drop my license. I did not want to jump through all the hoops that the state required. With that said, the kids in my care are perfectly safe. The only entrance to the pool is locked. On top of that I am always with them. I pride myself in making sure the kids are safe.

There have been questions as to what kind of curriculum I provide. I only watch a few kids here now which means one child could possibly be an infant and another a before and after school age, so I do not have a curriculum that I follow for the few that I care for. Most of the toddler and preschoolers I have watched actually attend Head Start or the local school district preschool for a half day and ride a bus to and from my house. If you are looking for a teaching type of facility then my daycare is not the right one. But,if there are certain things you want me to address with your child I am very open and a lot more complying than your more structured facilities where you have to comply with them. I am able to provide more one on one personal care than a large group facility. It gives the children a sense of security in a home setting.

My location provides easy access to I270, I55/70 and I255.

If this something you are looking for and would be interested in for your child then you may contact me with your childcare needs at (618) 830-8961 Leave a message please. You may also contact me by email:

The children currently in my care will be leaving me in August to return to school and their regular schedule. I am looking to enroll children who will be with me through the Fall and beyond. I am not taking children in for summer only care. 

  • Childcare in my home Monday thru Friday.
  • Reasonable rates
  • Former Licensed Childcare Provider for 16 years. 
  • CPR and First Aid knowledge
  • Convenient location off Hwy111 between I270, I55/70 and I255